Acadecraft Introduces Comprehensive Subtitling Service to Enhance Accessibility in Multimedia Content



Acadecraft has always been the pioneer in offering technical services to increase inclusivity and accessibility.

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26rd March, USA

In the world where digital media and platforms have surpassed the country boundaries, the need for subtitles is behest. 

Acadecraft has always been the pioneer in offering technical services to increase inclusivity and accessibility. One of the crucial step in this direction is launching their subtitle services. This innovative service seeks to close the gap for non-native language speakers, people with hearing problems, and others who prefer visual cues when consuming digital information.


Acadecraft’s holistic subtitle services cover a multitude of features designed to cater to the array of demands of audiences worldwide. Accurate spoken dialogue transcription, audio and video synchronisation, adaptable font sizes and styles, multilingual support, and adherence to accessibility guidelines like WCAG and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) are a few of these. 


CEO of Acadecraft, Harendra Tomar, highlighted the significance of this initiative, stating, “At Acadecraft, we are committed to breaking down barriers to learning and information accessibility. With the introduction of our best subtitle service, we aim to ensure that everyone, regardless of their hearing abilities or language proficiency, can engage with multimedia content seamlessly. This endeavour aligns with our core values of inclusivity and innovation.”


The subtitle services have enormous promise in a number of areas, including internet publishing, corporate training, entertainment, and education. By providing multilingual subtitles, e-learning platforms may reach a wider global audience, and educational institutions can now better accommodate students with hearing impairments in their lectures and course materials.


Staff of skilled linguists and subject matter specialists at Acadecraft guarantees the highest caliber standards, producing error-free subtitles that improve understanding and retention.

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Acadecraft has been among top names for offering contemporary technology in filed of education and academics. It has served a large population of customer from across the globe including Singapore, Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Ireland, and India. The organisation provides best subtitle service tailored to the special needs of audiences from all kind of abilities utilising a panel of experienced staff. 

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