Acadecraft Fosters Learner Engagement with Microlearning Solutions



In a much-needed attempt to combat shorter attention spans and handle complex topics, Acadecraft proffers microlearning solutions suitable for students and working professionals.

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As a notable name in the eLearning industry, Acadecraft has always been in the lead in offering specialized solutions to resolve diverse learner needs. Hosting a panel of highly- competent experts, the company undergoes extensive research and market analysis to identify the latest trends and issues and develop relevant solutions. 

A burgeoning problem in recent years has been demotivation and lesser attention tenure. This pattern, visible across all ages, has varied causes and is not feasible to completely eradicate. However, the experts at Acadecraft have devised a way to impart education that aligns with the stated problems and helps every learner receive prime results.

The microlearning solutions are well suited for K12 learners, higher education, and corporate training. For each client base, the company offers distinct modules and patterns. The team at Acadecraft are experts from different industries. They understand the requirements of individual industries and apply their knowledge to curate innovative learning solutions. 

“Acadecraft knows that not being able to understand atopic can cause disinterest. Our subject matter experts break down complex topics into short, easy segments to facilitate learning in a seamless manner.”, explains the Director of Operations, Jumi Dutta.

Their microlearning solutions for corporates are devised to handle work-life stress and time constraints. Their Mobile-Friendly Training Modules, Skill-Specific Tutorials, and Bite-size Knowledge Nuggets help employees access learning content from anywhere and anytime and complete individual courses in breaks. The Gamified Learning Experiences and Scenario-Based Simulations help augment critical interpersonal abilities like teamwork and quick thinking. 

“ We grow attentive to the age and the place of education. Young learners are mostly fickle-minded and seek fun activities,” says Jumi Dutta, Director of Operations, “Our Short Video Lessons, Interactive Videos, or Games Infographics or Visual Summaries through mobile apps or platforms raise their interest toward learning in a fun atmosphere.”

The company also offers highly innovative solutions for higher education enthusiasts in the form of Mini Lectures or Tutorials, Interactive sessions, Whiteboard Animation, simulations or Virtual Labs, and Just-In-Time Resources. Acadecraft’s microlearning services promise to generate learner interest and knowledge retention through an extensive development process that benefits learners appreciably.

About Acadecraft

Acadecraft is a notable eLearning content developer with an ISO certification. The company has been offering its distinct microlearning solutions for many years in India, Singapore, Ireland, the UK, the US, Australia, and the UAE. 


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