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Sheridan, WY, 21st February

In an attempt to foster digital inclusivity, Acadecraft ensures equal access to digital users regardless of their disabilities.

Having recognized the importance of readability for customers with impairments, Acadecraft aims to simplify website accessibility through sought-after methodologies. The company’s tailored approaches can suit the unique requirements of individuals with disabilities.

As one of the notable digital accessibility solutions providers, Acadecraft has been operating for more than ten years. Since its inception, what has remained constant is the team’s commitment to prioritizing inclusivity for customers to explore digital products seamlessly. 

Meeting the most current accessibility standards is the company’s prime intention. When asked about the importance of website accessibility, Narendra Tomar, the company’s CEO, confidently states, “From our knowledge, we understand how important it is to make websites, apps, and other digital products accessible. Besides improving inclusivity, an accessible digital product maximizes the content reach among diverse users.”

The company curates a website through seamless keyboard navigation with the help of HTML markup. Besides, alternative texts are used for images, icons, diagrams, and charts, a keyboard-only navigation option.

The minds behind Acadecraft’s visual content creation work on image descriptions in a textual format. With a focus on creativity, experts working with this company strive to redefine the digital accessibility standards for an inclusive digital future. 

With a strong focus on commitment, Acadecraft’s dedicated team focuses on empowering people with abilities to participate in the digital world with equal rights and needs. With their services, individuals with disabilities like auditory, motor, visual, or cognitive impairments can navigate and interact with digital products more effectively.

“After a client consults us, our team explains the importance of inclusive websites and apps. That being stated, the use of color to deliver information is our prime focus. We also educate them about the use of the right color contrasts that blend perfectly with the design and font color/size,” explains the Director of Operations, Jumi Dutta.

The experts follow a specific strategy to improve keyboard navigation with visual indicators. This allows customers to get access to buttons, links, and form controls more seamlessly. Given the significance of keyboard navigation in website design, this approach makes the content more interactive among users with disabilities. 

About Acadecraft

Acadecraft’s team is recognized as one of the most reliable digital accessibility solutions providers. As a company serving in top nations worldwide, Acadecraft aims to improve digital inclusivity and ensure seamless digital navigation from one and all. 

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Company: Acadecraft Private Limited
Address: 30 N Gould St Ste R, Sheridan, WY, 82801
Email Address: [email protected]
Phone : 7000530247