Aboat Entertainment Announces New “Claim Rewards” Feature



Content creators and consumers can now claim rewards for contributing to the Abot community and platforms through Abot Entertainment, an online blockchain-based, community-driven entertainment ecosystem

Press Release

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Aboat Entertainment is an online, blockchain-based, community-driven entertainment ecosystem that uses the power of web3 to enable creators to seamlessly monetize their content and consumers to make money from their online media activities in a fun and safe manner.

Aboat Entertainment is excited to announce the launch of the new ‘Claim Rewards’ feature, where existing users, creators and consumers, can claim their reward tokens through a very intuitive interface.

Reward tokens are the rewards offered to content creators and consumers for contributing to the Aboat community and platforms. For instance, every time a video is watched or music is listened to by someone, the creator of that content will receive rewards in the form of crypto tokens. Similarly, consumers get rewarded every time they watch a video or access any other content or share it with others within the Aboat ecosystem.

The reward tokens are credited directly to the user’s linked wallets that were used to log in to Aboat. In order to use reward tokens, a user must first claim the tokens, which will then be deposited to their wallet. New users can register an account at https://talkaboat.online/register

To log in to the Aboat ecosystem and win reward tokens, one must register an account and connect their wallet either with MetaMask or WalletConnet.

How to Claim Rewards?

If you have reward tokens in your Aboat account/wallet, you can claim them by using the new option available in the Lounge section on the website.

First, connect your wallet or log in to your Aboat account. You can see the Aboat Token selected by default. On the page, you can see the number of Available tokens, i.e. the tokens that are available to claim.

Enter the number of tokens you wish to claim and click on “CLAIM” to proceed.

Congratulations, you now have reward tokens in your wallet.

You can use Aboat reward tokens to buy/access content within the Aboat ecosystem and/or purchase NFTs of your favourite creators. You can also stake your Aboat tokens, i.e. lock your tokens in the contract, to receive recurring interest that you can claim at any time.

The Aboat ecosystem will also soon introduce the Swap feature for its community users and token holders, which will allow you to swap your Aboat tokens for other cryptocurrencies and vice-versa.

If you’re holding the Aboat token, which is a utility token, you have unprecedented access to all the existing and upcoming products in the Aboat ecosystem, including access to all entertainment content and the ability to purchase content directly from your favourite creators on the Aboat platform.