A new cryptocurrency miner Hymera H1 has celebrated its debut few weeks ago.



    So what this novelty will bring to the world and what makes it so outstanding in the market?

    Press Release

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    First of all, let’s dive deeply into groundbreaking Hymera H1 product. The casing is designed for immersion liquid use. A specially-modified external aluminum radiator, developed by the FPS company, is designed for cooling and the immersion pump, located inside the casing, supplying the liquid. Thus, the company has created the most favorable conditions for the operation of FPGA processors at maximum load conditions and introduced the world’s first autonomous portable immersion cooling unit for general use.

    The key success factor of Vanqiuisch Tech is the development of algorithms for the interaction of FPGA / CPU / GPU processors, in the world of mining referred to as «Bitstream». According to Antony Cole, who is responsible for software development, the company uses an advanced processing method called hetero-computed or hybrid principle of computation

    The hybrid principle of computation allows to divide one common stream of tasks in such a way, that each part of the chip or a separate chip receives tasks that are suitable for its architecture with up to 99% accuracy rate. Such an approach ensures + 120% efficiency rate of processors work.

    Using an example of the miner called HYMERA H1, a company uses the bitstream, that allows two FPGAs to produce a maximum of 180 KH powered by the Cryptonight with very low energy consumption – aprox. 600-800 W! Therefore, despite the advanced cooling solutions and the use of the best processors of our time, the main trump card of the company is the bitstream, which the company plans to use in its modules.

    According to the experts, algorithms can be used as a part of any computing processes, existing on the planet. By mid-2020, the company is preparing to open a new direction in the field of selling computing power. The exact purpose of such strategy is not disclosed, but Vanquisch Tech team claims that high monetization can be achieved beyond the field of cryptocurrency mining.