2nd World Nursing and Nursing Education Congress



    Peers Alley Media takes pleasure in inviting the scientific community across the globe to attend the World Nursing and Nursing Education Congress during June 17-18, 2020 at Vancouver, Canada with a motto to Discovering the New Era in Nursing and Healthcare.

    Press Release

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    World Nursing 2020 will be scheduled during June 17-18 at Vancouver, Canada featuring Distinguished, Keynotes and Plenary lectures, Workshops, Symposiums, Oral and Poster presentations, Special sessions, Exhibitions, Start Ups, Investor Meetings, Career Opportunities and Networking for 2 days under the theme ” Discovering the New Era in Nursing and Healthcare “. We would like to cordially invite you to participate and present your research work.

    Target Audience:

    Nurses/students | Nursing Researchers | Nursing Faculty | Medical Colleges | Nursing & Midwifery Associations and Societies | Business Entrepreneurs | Training Institutes | Software developing companies | Manufacturing Medical Devices Companies | Pharmaceutical Companies Nurses | Physician assistants | Advanced practice nurses | Clinical research nurses and social workers with a focus on Nursing Education | Healthcare Professionals | Medical Practitioners | Clinicians | World Leading Doctors | Midwives | Noble Laureates in Healthcare & Nursing | Nursing Practitioners | Research Institutes | Staff Development Educators | Research Scholars | Government Hospitals | Private Hospitals

    Event Summary:

    • Keynote Forum
    • Mini-Plenary Sessions
    • Distinguished Speakers Forum
    • Student Forum
    • Poster Sessions
    • Young Researchers Forum
    • Educational Workshops
    • Research Workshop
    • Corporate Workshop
    • Mini- Symposia
    • Highlights Of The Day Sessions
    • Meet The Professor
    • Educational Sessions
    • Training Programs