24Seven Commerce Introduces Local Express Integration with 30+ POS Systems



Local Express POS is an end-to-end food eCommerce platform that helps Supermarkets and Grocery chains create website, process orders quickly, get started with social media management, and streamline their shipping and delivery process.

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It’s an online storefront that offers shipping, delivery, and in-store pickup. So, store owners are saved from the hassle of coordinating with third-party marketplace services like Instacart and Doordash.


It’s integration with 24Seven Commerce’s Octopus Bridge plugin adds to the existing functionality and helps store owners meet the rising demand for fresh produce effortlessly. Here’s how:


  • Allows store owners to adapt omnichannel sales and strategy: The biggest challenge store owners face when going omnichannel is disorganized data which has a negative impact on customer experience.

Octopus Bridge integrates data from all online and offline stores so customers can pick up where they left off from any platform.


  • Eliminates stock outs: “Out of stock” situations or “stock outs” happen majorly because of poor inventory management.

Octopus Bridge synchronizes inventory across online and offline stores in real-time and sends notifications when the stock falls below a certain level to prevent instances of stockouts and ensure that online stores are updated regularly.


  • Offers more delivery options: The Covid-19 pandemic amplified the “Amazon Effect” where consumers expect free shipping and fast delivery times. But local stores and most online businesses can’t keep up with the eCommerce giant in this regard, so customers have turned towards curbside pickup.

Curbside pickup or Buy Online Pick-up In Store (BOPIS) is a popular delivery option which allows customers to place an order online and pick it up at the nearest store. It allows businesses to save on shipping costs and provide better customer-experience.

The most crucial aspect when it comes to offering this delivery option is maintaining an updated inventory and the Octopus Bridge plugin greatly helps with that as seen by the point above.


In short, the integration helps users deliver a truly omnichannel experience and meet consumer demands with ease.



About 24Seven Commerce:


We provide a cloud-based platform that enables retailers to sell online and synchronize online sales, shoppers and inventory with in-store point-of-sale (POS).


We’re the leading providers of Integration-as-a-Service and have served clients in 20+ countries. Our mission is to make integrated eCommerce accessible to every retailer by offering affordable eCommerce technology for owners of brick-and-mortar stores.





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