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Having a home with a sturdy foundation is important.

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April 26, 2021, Toronto, ON — Having a home with a sturdy foundation is important. DryShield Water Solutions have released a document stating the top three ways to foundation crack repair professionally. It also mentions some DIY methods but it’s greatly encouraged to use professional advice for the final steps. DryShield Water Solutions is one of the top waterproofing contractors in Toronto. DryShield serves in nearly all of the Ontario provinces including Toronto, Scarborough, and Hamilton as well as various cities in Ontario including Mississauga. The company has a document stating the top 3 different ways to fix foundation cracks. They found the results for the top 3 with their data, research, and experience.

Cracks in the foundation, no matter the type of building will happen eventually. According to the website, the key is to find the root cause for your foundation to crack. Horizontal cracks are more common in brick foundations and concrete blocks. They are often caused by shrinkage, due to extremely cold weather, or due to the excess pressure exerted on the foundation by the surrounding wet soil. Each type of building needs its own repair method. As stated in the report, the top three ways to fix a crack are epoxy injection, polyurethane injection, and finally using surface sealers.

In Toronto, many homeowners have dealt with foundation cracks. Before a cost-effective repair plan can be designed, a thorough analysis of the foundation must be performed. However, as mentioned by DrySheild, people need to be aware of the options they have before they even approach professional services. This document guide is that way to reach out to homeowners. Plus it doesn’t hurt to learn about maintaining one’s home.

According to the website, DryShield foundation repair experts are trained to carefully evaluate all aspects of your foundation to identify any problems and the correct source of the damage. Every job has a unique way of fixing the problem. Once an analysis has been completed, an efficient, cost-effective solution can be planned that is backed up by the supporting data they have proven time and time again.

To learn more about the methods or the services DryShield Water Solutions provide, you can visit their website or contact the customer service representative. There is even a cost calculator tool you can use to make things easier for you.

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