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Crown Labels is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of plain and printed labels.

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Crown Labels ( is one of the leading companies manufacturing and supplying high-quality packaging labels to businesses from various industries, including the food and drink industry and the retail industry. With the company’s wide range of products and long years of experience, potential clients are guaranteed to be extremely satisfied with their services.

The company understands how simple packaging labels that most people think are futile can benefit consumers and manufacturers. The company ensures they can attend to the varying labelling needs of their clients from different industries. They do this in strict compliance with every requirement for each sector to meet their client’s orders perfectly.

Crown Labels can create packaging labels that correspond to their client’s brand image. In other words, the packaging labels can show their identification. This can let the consumer know what to expect from the products. The labels are essentially an introduction to the product/brand they represent.

Crown Labels can help market and promote the products and services of their clients with their packaging labels. They can produce packaging labels that can attract the attention of their client’s target audience. The company’s team of experts can accomplish everything requested of them. They do this by creating excellent designs that can stand out among countless other products while also ensuring the labels they produce are of high quality.

Crown Labels also offers other related products like label and print applicators. They also supply thermal printers of varying sizes and styles, which is suitable for different business sectors. And of course, the company also supplies thermal ribbons, which are perfect for thermal printers and coding machines.

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About Crown Labels

Crown Labels is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of plain and printed labels. The company aims to provide high-quality products according to their clients’ specifications while still offering competitive rates. The company’s printing presses can print up to 8 colours at once. They offer a wide range of printing options, including flexographic and digitally printed labels. They also use different materials, including paper, vinyl, and other synthetics, perfect for print runs of any size. For those interested to do business with them, you may fill out their contact form via their website: Alternatively, you may send them an email through [email protected] or call 01527 527 444 to know more.