Why blow dryer wig head will make it easier to handle?



It is very necessary to blow dryer wig head

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When you get a human wig, one of the things you really need to learn is how to blow dryer wig head. It is not necessarily the best in this world, but if you know how to use round brush basic dry, it will make you benefit a lot.

Human hair wigs are great for a variety of reasons. They allow you to completely customize by clipping, thermal modelling and color your appearance, and they feel to your skin a more natural, etc. They can also misbehave just like naturally growing biological hair! Human hair color fades over time and the hair responds to the environment and humidity.

If you can wash perfect hair wigs for a period of time in a week after it dry, then the behavior of the whole week and look/feel, you will have a much more relaxed for a week.

After washing a human wig, gently blot your hair dry with a clean, dry towel to absorb excess moisture. You don’t want to be in the hair when it is still dripping water began to dry, because it will cost you much longer, and wet hair won’t have any shape you try to put it.

Once the wig is dry and no longer dripping, brush it quickly and gently using a wide-toothed comb or Jon Renau’s special wig brush. Next, you take out the hair dryer and set it to medium full speed to heat and dry the wig. You do not need to use a round brush (or any brush at this point) in this process. To blow-dry, run the dryer down the hair and run your fingers through the hair.

If you want to create a larger style, then blow dryer wig head root and hair length. Once your hair dry about 80%, you can use round brush began to blow dry. I like to part my hair from the nape of the neck and blow dry it there first. Grab the hair section 2 inches wide and place the round brush on the bottom of the hair section.

A little bit hard, smooth attachment, blow dryer wig head will move down a few times the length of the part, in order to smooth the hair and make it completely dry. Continue to work on the back of the wig in sections until all the backs are dry. Next move to both sides and repeat exactly the same process on both sides. Blow-drying your wig with a round brush can feel a bit tedious and tricky at first, but you’ll soon get used to doing it. I found in dry after washing your wig really helped to make it look more durable.