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Press Release

Whenever you are working on or overseeing a construction project, you should know the importance of scaffolding equipment. The equipment will come in handy when you need to ease access and boost the safety of your workers as well as the pedestrians around the property. To minimize the risks and accidents that may emanate from your project, you can get the best scaffolding rental, CT, from New England Scaffolding and continue with your project safely, efficiently, and in compliance.

About New England Scaffolding

New England Scaffolding, as the name says, is a company that you can trust with all your scaffolding needs. The company, having been here for the last three decades, is one of the few that will assess your access and safety needs and then go ahead to provide the best solutions for them. When you entrust your project to us, we will follow the same path and provide the most befitting structures and solutions for the project.

Expert Scaffolding Solutions

At New England Scaffolding, we have some of the best scaffolding solutions that you can get anywhere in Connecticut, TN. We have assembled them together for the last 30 years since we understand what most of our clients want before they even say it. With us helping you with your access and safety needs, you will have enough time to focus on the most crucial part of your project and seeing it completed within the set timelines.

Among the solutions that we can provide, there is:

·         Scaffolding: To achieve your goals safely, efficiently, and in compliance, hire our scaffolding structures today. These can include sidewalk protection, fabricated frames, and systems scaffolding

·         Shoring: We also have high-quality and heavy-duty shoring, including wall bracing, 20k frame shoring, and aluminum gass shoring systems

·         Suspended Scaffolding: If you need versatile access solutions, then you can get our suspended scaffolding too

·         Debris chutes for construction trash management

·         Temporary fencing for securing your property for a given period

Contact Us

To contact us and hire our structures and solutions, call 860-243-0337. Better yet, visit our website, www.nescaffold.com.

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