Where and How To Donate Cryptocurrencies



Here’s a quick guide to donating crypto to the best, verified nonprofits around the globe.

Press Release

The trend of donating via cryptocurrencies surged during the COVID-19 lockdowns, as people were looking for easier and more reliable means to donate to global nonprofits and charities helping those suffering from the lockdown impacts.

Where to Donate Cryptocurrencies

There are a number of charity organizations and non-profits around the world that have started accepting donations in cryptocurrencies. Even they understand that cryptocurrency is the future of money and allow donors from around the world to support their favorite charities through donations using cryptocurrencies.

However, even the crypto donation industry is not untouched by spam. There have been cases where individuals or groups create fake non-profit organizations, inviting donations from novice crypto investors and users. This is why it’s wise to research a nonprofit thoroughly or donate only through verified and legal crypto donation entities.

There are projects such as the soul token. fund, which, through its unique verification and donation process, is bringing trust and transparency in crypto donations. That brings us to our next topic – how to donate cryptocurrencies.

The best way to donate cryptocurrencies (via SOUL Token)

When looking to donate cryptocurrencies, people have the following two options:

  • Direct donation
  • Indirect donation

Direct donation refers to when you donate your cryptocurrency directly to a charity entity or nonprofit of your choice.

Indirect donations are made when you do something that indirectly helps those in need. For example, the soul token. fund platform donates to select and verified charity entities on behalf of its investors. By simply investing in the SOUL token, you contribute to help those in need around the world. Here’s how it works.

When a user buys SOUL tokens with the intention to hold, the token’s market supply is reduced, which increases the demand and the value. The SOUL Token team will allocate a fixed number of tokens to make donations every once in a while. All donations will be made by the team directly to official (verified) charity entities around the world. Refer to the website http://soultoken.fund for details about the donation schedule.

As more users buy the token and more transactions are performed, the platform earns more transaction fees, which enables the team to allocate more tokens for donations.

And that’s not all. For simply buying and holding the SOUL Token, you become eligible to earn recurring rewards in the form of free tokens, which are automatically credited to your wallet account in fixed intervals. Basically, SOUL Token is giving you a unique opportunity to earn for contributing to help those in need, which effectively makes it one of the best ways to donate via cryptocurrencies.