What is the difference between flanged butterfly valve and wafer butterfly valve?



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A butterfly valve is a quarter-turn rotary motion valve that is used to stop, regulate, and start the flow. Butterfly valves are a quick open type. A 90° rotation of the handle can completely close or open the butterfly valve. Normally, flanged butterfly valves are used in systems where a positive shut-off is not required. Large butterfly valves are usually equipped with gearbox type actuator, where the handwheel is connected to the stem via a gearbox.

How can we tell flanged butterfly valve from wafer butterfly valve?

Wafer type butterfly valve and flanged butterfly valve are two common types of butterfly valve. The scope of application of both types of butterfly valve is very wide, but many people can’t tell the difference between wafer type butterfly valve and flanged butterfly valve. Wafer and flanged are two connection types of butterfly valve. In terms of price, wafer butterfly valve is relatively cheaper.

The length of the bolt of wafer butterfly valve is longer, which requires higher construction accuracy. Under high temperature condition, the bolts of wafer butterfly valve may cause leakage after expansion, so it is not suitable for large diameter pipe under high temperature condition. Wafer butterfly valve cannot generally be used at the end of the pipeline and downstream needs to be disassembled. When downstream flange is removed, the wafer butterfly valve will fall off. The flanged butterfly valve does not have the above problems, but the cost will be relatively high.

Flanged butterfly valve has flanges at both ends of the body, which are connected to the pipe flange. The sealing is relatively reliable, but the valve is relatively expensive.

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