What is HUMU Token – Everything you need to Know about HUMU ICO



HUMU offers a platform for creators to showcase and sell their creations, arts, crafts and other creative products to a vast community of fans through Non-fungible tokens (NFTs)

Press Release

What is HUMU Token?

HUMU token is an ERC-20 utility cryptocurrency/token created to act as the native token for the HUMU marketplace. The token is expected to assist in the process of building the world’s first NFT real-life and content game publishing platform and marketplace to put an end to unfairness in many creative industries for creators and give freedom in their content.

One of the primary purposes of the HUMU token is that it will be used for easy and fast payouts to creators. Users can turn their content like real-life pictures, media, etc. into revenue streams and get direct and instant payouts through HUMU tokens. https://www.humuico.com/

How it Works

The primary purpose of the HUMU platform is to enable everyone in the world to turn their creative work into a sustainable revenue stream. This can be achieved through the digitization of creative industry work and content to offer more liquidity and generate more, genuine revenue streams with equal opportunities and fair payments for everyone.

The HUMU platform will enable content creators and artists to easily convert their work into moveable NFTs that can be easily traded, sold, and transferred to anyone in the world. Besides, the platform will offer freedom of seamless content creation, selection, and payments.

As the native token of the HUMU platform, the HUMU token will grant access to the various features and services of the HUMU marketplace and can be used for making/receiving payments. Also, there will be regular creative competitions held on the platform, and the winners will be paid in HUMU tokens.

Other creative features & benefits of HUMU

It’s a public platform that is open and available for everyone.

As a decentralized marketplace for NFTs, it offers transparency and fairness in payments.

Offering direct payouts to every creator is one of the major goals of the HUMU token.

Provides support for fashion, arts & a range of other industries

Provides Effective Marketing tools – Creators get access to a range of new business and marketing tools

Offers fair & equal opportunities to the Creators – Creators earn +20% more sales revenue with a faster payout

Regularly Introducing New Revenue Streams – Creators will have access to a range of new revenue opportunities

Establishing a Rich Token-Based Economy – Powering referral bonuses, reward programs, and more

HUMU is backed by Industry specialists – The advisors of HUMU have a long experience in the fashion industry, app building, and crypto.

Find out more or join at https://humutoken.com/