Vspagy Is A Cutting-Edge Platform To Develop Dynamic,



Vspagy is the next generation technology initiative of Acadian Technologies Private Limited, which has aspects of personalization and interactivity at its core. They cater to several leading brands of India.

Press Release

Focused on bringing vivacity to enterprise video communication, Vspagy offers a cutting-edge platform for video personalization at scale. Through them, companies can bring personalization and interactivity at the centre of their customer communication strategy for accelerated growth. Through this company, one can enrich their videos with interactive features, and subsequently provide their target audience with the capacity to engage with their content through tools like data input, 360* view, surveys, quizzes, and hotspots. Such video content is popular for its high impact and can drive incredible engagement for any business. Vspagy largely specializes in video personalization. These data driven personalized videos are tailored to each individual customer, and usually include elements like their name, e-mail, company name, image, job title, and so on.

Vspagy is especially the ideal destination to develop marketing videos.  These videos can not only be created in English, but also discerning regional languages, which can work wonders in boosting marketing efforts. Speaking to the target audience in their vernacular languages leads to higher traction. Vspagy platform, subsequently allows brands to connect with their customers in their preferred language. People are more comfortable consuming content in their own language, thus feel an affinity towards the brand. Empowering the customers with the capability to explore content in their mother-tongue considerably helps in building brand loyalty. It also provides assurance of better understanding, improved customer experience and satisfaction, and higher participation.

To get in touch with the Vspagy team, give them a call at +91-120-4121301 or +91-9193155912. They can also be contacted at i[email protected]