Vspagy Allows Companies To Incorporate Diverse Personalized Elements Into Their Marketing Strategy



Vspagy is the next-gen technology initiative of Acadian Technologies Private Limited. This company focuses on personalization and interactivity solutions, and caters to several leading brands of India.

Press Release

Incorporating personalized elements into the marketing strategy of a business can be highly effective in boosting its overall impact. No matter whether it is a personalized banner send through email or a tailored video, personalization makes the target audience feel special, and invariably increases their loyalty towards a business. Vspagy is a company that specializes in aiding its clients to maximize customer engagement by incorporating adding personalization and interactivity to videos. With their assistance, brands can create videos that are customized to each individual customer. Personalized elements in the videos can include the customer’s name, email, company name, and so on.

In addition to videos, even hyper personalized short links and microsites can be created through Vspagy. These customized links often feature an enterprise-specific domain name to allow for improved, authentic branding. Companies can easily share their tailor-made videos with these personalized short links for an augmented customer experience. These short links are much cleaner in comparison to sloppy, untidy long-form URLs, and tend to be a lot simpler and easier to share. Personalized HTML microsites, on the other hand, are useful for showcasing tailored offerings of a company to each customer. These links may even contain customer names to capture their attention instantly.

Hotspot videos are also an excellent marketing tool that can be developed through Vspagy. Their interactivity feature ensures better customer engagement rates than any traditional video content. These videos can easily be embedded in company websites for better conversions.

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