Virti: Reduce Medical Error With Virtual Reality Training



    Virti is one of the best providers of simulation training platforms today. They make virtual reality learning possible with their top-grade software.

    Press Release

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    Virti ( is happy to offer their end-to-end VR medical training services to all medical staff and organizations. With their bespoke approach, everyone can guarantee solutions that would match their needs.

    This company offers a cloud-based training platform, which is designed to help organizations create, scale and analyze surgical training experiences. Their Creation Suite utilizes L&D principles and behavioral science insights, so their clients can expect fast creation of content along with the most realistic learning experience possible for their users. In addition to this, their Analytics Engine will allow everyone to distribute the learning materials across desktop, mobile, virtual, and augmented reality headsets to all their employees. As a result, users with granted access can get a hold of the learning materials anywhere and anytime on any device.

    Those who will acquire their services can create their own courses, schedules, and more at their most convenient time and needs. In addition, they will also be provided with feedback and insights with rich data-collection capabilities to engage, assess, and analyze users and their behavior. This would enable them to monitor and assess the improvement of the users and decide on whichever strategy suitable for the situation.

    Due to their affordable and efficient training services, Virti has won several awards throughout their years of operation. This includes rewards from the Association for the Study of Medical Education like Teaching Innovation & Excellent Prize Winner and Technology Enhanced Learning Winner, as well as SIM Ghosts’ Best Simulation Innovation Award Winner, and more.

    Founded by a renowned trauma and orthopedic surgeon with a dedication to training and making things better for the workforce, Alex Young, Virti has been passionate in providing excellent simulation training services. This has built them a long list of successful client stories and projects. According to their website: “The dream was to build a scalable training platform that could be accessed on-demand, was fun to use and that could turn subjective information (like communication skills) into objective data for comparison to improve human performance and reduce error”.

    About Virti

    Virti is one of the best providers of simulation training platforms today. They make virtual reality learning possible with their top-grade software. This includes the Creation Suite, Analytics Engine, and a lot more. Their platform is accessible online, which is perfect for remote training without the need to sacrifice efficiency and quality of learning. With their team of L&D experts, UX specialists, and content creators, you can guarantee to have a successful training course in no time. If you are interested, you can visit and fill out their contact form for a free diagnostic call from their experts.