Vastu tips for choosing a new Home



If you are planning to purchase a new home or a flat, there are a few Vastu aspects of the property that you should check. Check out this guide.

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The architectural exploration of Vastu Shastra has been a reason for recognizing and building up the best living spaces.

Vastu-compliant plots and homes, help the people to experience their lives with more joy, riches, wellbeing, and prosperity.

This old practice has picked up popularity in the real estate sector, for distinguishing the best places, plots, and structures for private business purposes.

Vastu compliant entrance

While evaluating the outline design or layout of a plot or a  construction development apartment, the main thought ought to dependably be for a decent entrance.

The passageway holds the way to introducing positivity and joy for the whole family.

A south-west entrance is among the slightest Vastu-agreeable doorways and families living in such homes, can confront money related and relationship issues to an extent.

On the other hand, if you have an entrance in the north, you can expect extraordinary achievement in financial and business matters, and additionally opens opportunities in your career.

Vastu compliant room direction

The right area for a room, guarantees that you benefit the most from that room. Each room has a positive or negative impact, on the lives of people of the house, depending upon the zone in which it is found.

For kitchens, the south-east is a perfect zone.  One should avoid having a kitchen in the north-east and south-west zones.

Panchtattava or the analysis of the five components

A living space is divided into 16 zones or directions in space. Each zone has a corresponding component that influences diverse parts of our life. For instance, the north zone has water as the primary component.

The primary characteristics of this zone are wealth, growth, career, monetary gains, etc.. Thus, any imbalance in this zone, directly affects the profession, business and monetary health of family members.

These incorporate kitchen, toilets, gallery, slants, open areas, water tanks, gardens, service lanes, water storage of neighbors, rainwater drainage, the building’s height, shafts, and so on.

Verify that each of the 5 components or Panchtattava, is available in its respective zone – water in the north, the air in the east, fire in the south, earth in the south-west and space in the west.

Present day Vastu and space programming

Imagine a scenario in which you have just bought a property or paid the booking money. In such cases, you can utilize Present day Vastu and space programming  .

With present-day Vastu applications and strategies, you don’t have to deconstruct or decimate your property.

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