User Provisioning Software for Onboarding New Employees



They say the first 10 seconds you meet someone are the most critical for making a lasting impression.

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They say the first 10 seconds you meet someone are the most critical for making a lasting impression. The first couple of weeks a new hire joins your company is not too different from those first 10 seconds. The last thing you want your new hire doing on their first day on the job is sitting around waiting for their computer and mobile devices to be configured by IT. So let’s explore how user provisioning software optimizes the onboarding process for new hires.


The reason user provisioning exists is to maintain and enhance security protocols that significantly reduce fraud. For that reason, it’s an essential step that all companies must take. But when your new hire requires access to various applications across different departments, navigating convoluted access systems can take hours and even days sometimes. Of course, some of the onus falls on whether the hiring manager is organized, but even the most organized will struggle to configure access systems with complex terminology properly. This struggle is why user provisioning software benefits both hiring managers, IT, and HR departments alike.


The HR department is the major nexus of the hiring process since they’re responsible for managing timelines and the required forms and procedures of onboarding a new hire. HR’s central role, then, provides them with an opportunity to harmonize their policies with the other divisions involved to expedite the onboarding process and increase new hire productivity from day one. This harmonization, however, is not as easy as we all wish it were. On the other hand, user provisioning software makes this possible by providing HR and IT with one central hub to set up, manage, and disable your employee’s apps. Think of these software solutions as mission control for all your user provisioning needs.


The best software solutions are those that automate tedious tasks and challenge your company’s expectations of what’s possible when everyone works together in harmony. And though these solutions aren’t free, the amount you stand to save on infrastructure will likely offset any startup costs of integrating with application management. Why spend hours when automation only requires a few minutes? Elect for a seamless onboarding experience and explore your options for user provisioning software today.

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