University of Sydney Pilots Automated Graduation Video Service from Edit on the Spot.



The University of Sydney trials a real-time automated video editing software to transform graduation livestream into personalised video clips for each graduate.

Press Release

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Gradcut breakthrough technology delivered over 50,000 video clips to 8,500 University of Sydney graduates in a 19-day AI video processing marathon!

Designed for universities by the startup founders of Edit on the Spot – a real-time automated video editing software for events, Gradcut automatically edits live-streamed footage into personalised video clips for each graduate. 

“We have been developing Edit on the Spot technology for the past 2 years and saw a great application for it in graduation ceremonies and awards. Gradcut saves unending hours of editing, rendering, exporting and uploading by analysing the footage to identify each graduate, automatically editing and delivering social media clips, while the moment is still relevant –  shares Martin Renaud, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer.

“Graduation is such a momentous occasion,” said Christine Fairchild, Graduations Manager at the University of Sydney. “The Gradcut product allows graduates to share this significant moment, as widely as they wish after the event, and re-live the memory again and again.”

The University of Sydney will pilot Gradcut till the end of May offering graduates a memorable keepsake of their special day.  

“We’re grateful to the University’s Graduation Team for supporting innovation and providing a startup with an opportunity to launch a new product, ” says Anastasha Renaud, CEO and co-founder of Edit on the Spot. “Graduates we interacted with, and especially, parents, were extremely excited about this opportunity to receive an up-close video on stage. It is a truly memorable moment when you receive your hard-earned qualification, and it happens only once or a few times in your life.”

Gradcut seamlessly integrates with existing video production or live-streaming services; its user-friendly online portal is designed for an effortless setup for multiple ceremonies, providing the university with metrics and reporting. Videos are delivered to graduates via a secure student portal in various social media formats for purchase shortly after graduation.

Beyond capturing memories, Gradcut aims to make a meaningful impact by donating a portion of profits to support education initiatives in developing countries and indigenous communities. Making a difference, one graduation video at a time.

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