UFC Competitor To Launch MMA Crypto App



Pegged by experts as the most important launch this year, Fintech startup dCombat is getting closer to deploying its MMA Blockchain platform.

Press Release

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The Japanese-run Fintech startup dCombat will launch its platform this fall. After having secured USD 100,000 in seed capital during a private fund raiser, dCombat is holding a public crowdsale of its own crypto token on the 20th of November, 2021.

With a highly innovative platform at its helm, the project creates a bridge between physical fighting sports and blockchain technology. The result is a content delivery platform that also functions as a betting and investing app. As the project is structured as a DAO, short for ‘Decentralized Autonomous Organization’, token holders are direct owners in the project. The app blurs the lines between financing, investing and production as well as content delivery. Users can both hold and stake their assets inside the platform while enjoying, financing and profiting from high-quality
MMA content.


After several years in development, dCombat is now set to raise funds for its completion before opening the platform to the public. Deemed a new paradigm in online sports, this much anticipated bridge between blockchain tech and extreme sports has been long over due. The effort will both close the rift between the audience and athletes, and make financial stakes all the more immediate in that fighters and viewers become stakeholders in the same venture.


The smart contract does not implement a decimal, which means that one token remains one token, regardless of price. Practically speaking, dCombat tokens will trade more like traditional shares. This makes them more straightforward for new and old investors alike.


The dCombat token is expected to sell out fast once the ICO starts on the 20th of November. The crowdsale will be open until the 24th of December. Post-ICO analysis pegs the trading value at around USD 0.50, which means early investors can expect a wholesome return. This positions the ICO in a category of its own as the asset is bound to keep growing over time. Moreover, rumors of a larger acquisition loom large and give small time investors all the more reason to get in early.


In addition to its ICO, dCombat is holding one of the biggest airdrops this year. No less that 2 million Dollars worth of tokens are available to anybody wishing to participate in the airdrop. The campaign is Twitter-based and anybody with an account can join.

The ICO can be followed on the project’s website at https://dcombat.zone

The ICO + Airdrop dates are: November 20 – December 24, 2021