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Its a post about trekking in himalays of Nepal

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Trekking is one of the most favored activities for the adventure enthusiasts. It provides great adventure and great pleasure. But the curiosity gets doubled when you understand that you can trek the youngest and highest mountain system of earth. It’ll be really a lifetime experience to trek the Great Himalaya. Himalaya is also called as ‘abode of snow’ since the mountains stay covered with snow.

Trekking is fascination in Nepal and the experience. There are many adventurous. A few of the popular hiking trails are Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Circuit, Langtang Nepal trek, Makalu trek, Manaslu trek, Kanchenjunga circuit, etc.. Nepal offer trekking paths at low elevation for novices, at middle altitude for expert trekkers and at high elevation for ambitious and passionate trekkers. During trekking, tourist pass through beautiful surrounding dotted with emerald paddy area, snow covered valleys and stunning surroundings. Some of the trekking destination in Nepal  like Tsum Valley Trek have spiritual value where one can restore peace in mind.  The scenery of the mountains is awesome that people gets lost in it.

The mountain ranges of Himalaya great hiking trails to the tourists to enjoy the hiking experiences. The Himalayan ranges of Nepal are excellent theatre where you are able to enjoy many mountainous activities and see the still cinema of beautiful landscape. Mountain climbers, trekkers, hikers and other mountain fans visit Nepal often to acquire the fantastic lifetime experience.


Together with trekking mountain trails, tourists may also see the breathtaking beauty and unique culture of Nepal. Tourists have a wonderful opportunity to explore the culture and natural wealth of this mountain land. Besides hiking, tourists may also enjoy adventure games like sky diving, river rafting, biking, mountain gaming, summit climbing Nepal and others.

But it is important to notify you that if you’re planning to climb on high elevation, you must tackle the daring challenge under the advice of a specialist trek guide. You can easily receive a manual with consultation using a trekking agency in Nepal. There are many agencies in Nepal that provide guide and trekking gear. They guide the tourists to make the trekking tour safe and intriguing. An expert guide has idea regarding dangerous trails and landslide areas. Landslide is very frequent in hilly and mountainous area. You must protect yourself from natural calamities like landslide, mountain storm, etc.. So, you must start your travel accompanying a hiking guide. Do not forget to carry compass, map, first-aid kit, stick and other equipment needed on the trip. Do not make your bag too heavy. You need to walk . Follow this advice and create your trekking tour to Himalaya a great adventure for lifetime.