Transafe Indonesia Dharma Persada (TIDP) Appointed To Run Transafe Dharma Persada’s Partnership Program



Transafe Indonesia Dharma Persada (TIDP) ASuccssfully held Transafe 's Partnership Program

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Jakarta, Indonesia – Jul 8, 2022 – For Immediate Release

Transafe successfully held 2022 Partnership Strengthening program. This program was held from 27 June to 1 July 2022 at Wisma Transafe, South Jakarta. This event held by PT. Transafe Indonesia Dharma Persada (TIDP) appointed company to run the partnership program.

This event opened by Dony Budidharma, Transafe Director. Also present Mrs. Sri Astuti, Country Marketing Manager Transafe, Djemy Wagiu, Transafe’s “Pria Tampan Dari Timur”, partner owners and trainers for this program. Partners joining this event are PT. Coach Farid And Colleagues, PT. Sumber Karya Keselamatan (SKK), PT. Cipta Lentera Edukasi (CLE), PT. Tenaga Kerja Kompeten Indonesia (TKKI) and Transafe Keselamatan Kerja Indonesia (TK2I)


About the Partnership Strengthening Program

Partnership Strengthening Program is a program held by Transafe to train, educate and strengthen marketing and sales partners so that they can immediately be productive and profitable for their partners.

This Partner Strengthening Program begins with participants’ understanding of themselves to administrative and marketing technicalities and market development. The materials provided include 5W1H, SWOT, basic personality , essential marketing and sales, time management, the practice of making offers, negotiating practices, effective meeting and so on.

Mrs. Fuaidah, a Coach Farid Colleagues representative, won this event’s best participant. The most memorable quote she had during this training was from Mr. Luki Tantra, a trainer “Success is when preparation and opportunity meet.”

Sri said  that now their partners has the product and the ability to sell like Transafe’s top sales. She hopes that after this training, the program participants will immediately be able to contribute to the partner companies that sent them.




About Transafe Indonesia


Transafe Indonesia is a registered HSEQ (Health Safety Environment Quality) training and consulting service in Indonesia. Registered Training Provider at Ministry of Manpower, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, and Registered Competency Assessment Venue by BNSP More Information can be obtained on Transafe Indonesia website (


For more information, please contact Transafe Indonesia Business Development at:

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