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Press Release

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Summary: This Press Release is to announce increased easy-to-navigate features in the Investorbano platform for many types of trading in stock market in India from anywhere, anytime to make profits.  



Investorbano offers innovative features to make trading safe and fast with many recommendations for all types of trading in the stock market.  


Dewas/Madhya Pradesh/November 21/PR/Investorbano: Now do different types of trading in the stock market from the easy to use Investorbano platform. The new features include real-time updates of recommendations to use for trading in the stock market. Anyone can download the software on their laptop or desktop and start trading by opening an account.  


Trading in the stock market increased during the pandemic as many people wanted additional income to meet their growing needs. Since each trader has specific goals, different investment strategies, a varying amount of investment amount and others, there are many types of trading in the stock market. This diversity makes trading in the stock market continue for over a century in the Bombay Stock Exchange and for over a quarter century in the National Stock Exchange. 


Unlike other high-return investments with high risks, trading in the stock market is safe relatively. SEBI, or the Securities Exchange Board of India, is the government watchdog to monitor all transactions and sends an SMS for each trade on the platform. Hence, any malpractice risk is no more in stock trading, and if the investors trade right can get high returns, which is almost impossible in any other investments.  


All types of trading in the stock market 


The following are all types of trading in the stock market offered by Investorbano from its software with easy-to-trade features.  


  • Long-term trading is buying stocks based on fundamental analysis to hold for years to benefit from the dividends, bonuses and rights issues to be safe, high-return investments. 


  • Intraday trading is the right opposite of long-term trading to complete the entire transaction within a day to book profit or loss, and doing right could yield high returns for low investments but with high risks. 


  • Position trading is between long-term and intraday to hold stocks for a few months to make a profit or loss, depending on selecting the proper share, price movements, and the holding capacity. 


For more information on the different trading in the stock market, like futures, options, technical, and others, over 10 years of experienced stock broker Investorbano (Vinita Mehta) that is an authorized person of Angelone by visiting