Trademark Registration For Startups In India



Unlawful use of registered trademarks or duplication is a punishable offense

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The start-up culture has beautifully mushroomed in various parts of India. Kolkata is no exception; it is also home to some wonderfully orchestrated start-ups. The mention of the booming start-up ecosystem and the parallel sift to online business and e-commerce culture also drives the rising importance of trademark registration in Kolkata. As part of the survival and growth strategy for start-ups, it is imperative to work on unique brand identity. Trademark registration is the best way to protect the unique identity of your business. However, a trademark only serves its purpose when you register it with due process.

Trademarks A Short Introduction

Trademarks are considered the most critical intellectual property or intangible asset of your company. Unless the buyers identify your company with the products or services you manufacture or deliver, it is perpetually impossible to grow a business and create a unique brand identity. A trademark thus helps to create a strong brand connection with the target buyer.


The Difference Between Trademark, Copyrights, And Service Mark

Trademarks, Service marks, and copyrights all function towards protecting your business’s unique identity or intellectual property rights. It is also because they serve a very similar purpose; people often confuse between them. However, in reality, they all serve various purposes. Registering your trademark is by far the safest process to make sure that your products or services may not be duplicated and sold under your brand name.
Copyrights- Copyrights primarily apply to creative works. There are well-designated copyright laws to protect the ownership of creative works.
Trademarks- Trademarks, on the other hand, apply to goods and services to distinguish them from other similar interests and to indicate the true source of the good or service.
Service Marks- They are very similar to trademarks, but the service marks are used to distinguish the source of a service and not that of goods.
As you approach the trademark attorneys in Kolkata, they will study your product or services and recommend the proper trademark registration process. Trademark registration under the Trademark Act1999 can also be done online. They will also help you reply to any objection raised by the registrar. For a trademark to be registered, it is essential not to invade any existing brand’s rights.
However, by registering your trademark, you just complete half of the task. You must know about the legal protection that you earn by trademark registration. Once you register the trademark, you have the legal rights to sue any person or entity who violates a registered trademark’s norms. Unlawful use of registered trademarks or duplication is a punishable offense.