Tour Operator Costa Rica Offers Affordable & Convenient Car Rental in Costa Rica



Tour Operator Costa Rica, a leading tour service that offers affordable & convenient car rental services for Costa Rica adventure.

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One of the easiest ways to get around Costa Rica is with a car rental. Nothing beats the luxury of jumping in a car & heading out on an adventure through Costa Rica! Since everything in the nation is fairly spread out, it can take two times as long to get to any destination using public transportation. Having access to a car rental in Costa Rica makes it easier to explore all the natural splendors scattered all through the country at your own pace.

Many developed highways take you all across Costa Rica, but when you visit small, remote regions like Monteverde, the roadways can be a bit uneven. Since Monteverde is a mountain town, the dirt roadways can get slick. If you are thinking to tour to smaller cities like this one, you will possibly wish to ensure that you have a 4-wheel drive car to have appropriate traction. If you’re traveling to Arenal Volcano National Park, Manuel Antonio National Park, Jaco or Tamarindo, a typical vehicle is usually not adequate. This is especially critical throughout the rainy season which is from May to November.

As far as affordable car rental in Costa Rica is concerned, you can always rely on Tour Operators Costa Rica. We have the best fleet in the industry that includes vehicles like Suzuki Jimny, Daihatsu Bego, Suzuki Grand Vitara, Toyota Rav 4, Nissan X-Trail, Toyota Prado 7, Mitsubishi Montero 7, Nissan Navara, Toyota Hi-Lux, and Hyundai H1 Microbus. Whether you are looking for driver or self-driving options, we have it all for your convenience; all the vehicles are well maintained and appointed with all the basic amenities for a stress-free ride. Feel free to check out our special rate on Costa Rica car rental” said a spokesperson of Tour Operator Costa Rica.

Once you have secured your rental car from us, you are ready to head out to begin your Costa Rica adventures. Relying on where you wish to go, driving can be quite literally an adventure. Though many of the roadways in Costa Rica are well-maintained, rural regions are usually served by narrower dirt roads that could prove to be a challenge for the suspension of some vehicles. It is generally wise to take it steady while driving, as some of the locals can be quite bold when it comes to navigating the roads.

About the company:

Tour Operator Costa Rica is a leading tour service that specialized in offering a wide range of Costa Rica tour related services including car rental in Costa Rica.