Total Home Renovation Becomes the only 20 years old Renovation Company in Auckland



Total Home Renovation is a renovation company that works on all sizes and types of renovation projects. Currently, it becomes the only 20-year-old renovation company in Auckland.

Press Release

Total Home Renovation is well-known as a home renovation Auckland that able to handle various types of projects. They are starting from building a new house to constructing one that has been established and renovate it to be a better house. Currently, the company turns 20 years old and it becomes the only renovation company that successfully survives up to this number. Sure, it will continue to give the best services for customers in the future.

The service given by home renovation Auckland is starting from planning. Every project basically has its own concept and purposes to make sure that the result in the end will meet the customers’ needs as well as making it a cozy, comfortable, and secure home to live in.

The company accommodates various project types related to the establishment and constructions. Meanwhile, it also makes sure that the renovation process will not disturb the serenity of the family’s life. Despite the total constructions, they have an expertise in some smaller projects. They are including bathroom design, wall and floor tiling, installing new lighting, plumbing, bathroom ventilation, and more.

The home renovation Auckland is worth to choose not only for its long-term experiences. There are some more reasons why the company can be a good construction and renovation partner in Auckland.

First, it is due to the experts behind the services given. The experts are not only knowledgeable, but also experienced in this area for years. Second, it only hires professional workers that work in a team. They are trained, highly-skilled, experienced, and able to finish the projects on time and within budget. Third, the home renovation Auckland works in a small group and the team makes sure that they will treat the customers’ families well. Fourth, the final result is guaranteed to be good with a high-quality installation without disposing the bathroom and other areas at home.