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    Creditgenie is a renowned loan-finding solution in South Africa. Finding the right lender and getting an approval of the loan amount is a tedious task.

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    Creditgenie assists people not only in finding the most reliable loan provider, but it also offers a comprehensive service to help people in getting their loan approved quickly.

    The Comprehensive Financial Assistance from Creditgenie:
    The complete loan-finding solution offered by the company includes complimentary loan assistance, professional financial advice to improve credit scores of the members and legal and ID assist.

    Loan Assist Service- At Creditgenie, the professionals know how stressful it is to look for the right loan provider. They help their members find the most reliable and suitable personal loan online. They have an association with several renowned moneylenders. The members can get the loan amount of up to R150000 through an easy online application.

    Legal and ID Assist- Creditgenie offers the best legal advice. The members can get access to renowned attorneys without paying expensive fees of lawyers.

    Legal assistance includes,

    • Legal advice on criminal offences, contracts, debts etc.
    • Advice on labour law regarding basic wages, labour practices, disciplinary hearings, annual leaves etc.
    • Laws related to a motor vehicle accident that includes illegal removal of the vehicle, vehicle damage repairs and injuries and third-party claims.
    • Legal advice on how and when to process a legal claim for Road Accident Fund.

    Besides, the company helps members by providing essential documents like a divorce kit, a small claims kit, a child maintenance kit, lease agreements and purchase and sale agreement when required.

    ID Assist includes,

    • Creditgenie aids the members to restrict them from any illegal use of identity information.

    Help with Credit Report- When an individual applies for a loan, the moneylender checks the credit score of the person. No matter what kind of loan you have applied for, a home loan or something else, the credit history and the credit score are important. Creditgenie can help with a completely updated credit report for every quarter of a year so that you can get the loan approved easily and quickly.

    Financial Wellness Programme- The financial wellness program helps Creditgenie members with telephonic financial counselling, debt management and formal debt review. Telephonic financial counselling involves assistance with financial budgeting, income versus expenditure and types of expenditure.

    In the debt management service, the professionals in Creditgenie control the finances of their customers with debt consolidation and financial goal setting.

    Formal debt review services include a complete analysis of financial needs, an audit of all accounts being paid, a detailed budget, planning for credit restructure, collection of debt information from creditors and follow up on budgets.

    Creditgenie is a renowned loan-finding solution in South Africa. Along with complementary loan-finding service, the company offers comprehensive financial advice and legal and ID assist. To know more about Creditgenie, please visit

    27 Willie van Schoor Avenue
    Bellville, 7530