Top 5 Blockchain-based E-commerce Projects to Look out for in 2021



Today, we will talk about five of the top blockchain-based e-commerce projects that are making an industry-wide disruption.

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1. Libra

Libra is not just a coin, but it’s an e-commerce revolution. Libra coin is the native utility token for the Libra Ecosystem, which is a fully-fledged e-commerce platform created with advanced features and solutions for online businesses. Libra coin powers a blockchain-based digital payment system that comes with dedicated cards, ATMs, PoS and a range of other products and can be readily integrated into any existing business system for seamlessly accepting digital payments in cryptocurrencies from global customers. Moreover, the Libra ecosystem comprising a feature-rich blockchain-based e-commerce platform is expected to be launched soon.

2. Monetha

Monetha is a kind of product research and validation platform that enables consumers and businesses to find more information and verified data about a product they are planning to buy or about a company they are planning to do business with. The platform was created to enable users to make online financial transactions in a fully secure environment. It provides access to an online marketplace comprising of hundreds of online stores and rewards users for every purchase. Moreover, customers get to earn more by saving and sharing their personal data with online shops.

3. Rate

Rate is a fintech startup that utilises blockchain technology to enable more seamless and cost-effective cross-border ecommerce. The platform was created to help consumers get more transparency with access to real-time exchange rates when performing cross-border transactions including online shopping. It uses blockchain technology to increase the efficiency & security of its app and in-browser extension that gives access to up to date exchange rates, the latest discount codes from across multiple popular ecommerce sites, and enables transactions that are free of any charges.

4. Retail.Global

Retail.Global is a somewhat obvious type of ecommerce platform that brings together merchants and consumers from all over the world on a single blockchain-based global marketplace with the aim to consolidate the various parts of ecommerce and enable consumers to get the most out of a unified global ecommerce system backed industry experts and leaders. One of the company’s primary goals is to create equal opportunities for small & midsize local retailers in the online commerce space using the power of blockchain.


AORA is a global ecommerce platform that uses blockchain technology for cross-border e-commerce and allows users to shop from international markets like the US and China using cryptocurrencies. Users from anywhere in the world can use AORA to purchase products from other countries with trusted shipping to their doorstep.

Blockchain is the future of e-commerce and can help resolve a lot of the industry problems as well as improve overall efficiency, as we have already seen through the above-mentioned examples.