To Win Challenge in 2020 And Beyond: RSUD Banyumas Certify Its Trainers With BNSP Certification



    RSUD Banyumas announces successful Training for Trainer Certified by BNSP. This event held in Banyumas in cooperation with Transwish Indonesia. The training itself was conducted from Nov 6-8th 2019. This training is the improvement of the hospital’s internal trainer.

    Press Release

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    Banyumas, Central Java, Indonesia – Nov 8th, 2019 – For Immediate Release

    RSUD Banyumas announces successful “Training for Trainer Sertifikasi BNSP” for internal Trainers and Instructors. Training is conducted in cooperation with TransWISH Jakarta.

    This training and competence certification is followed by around 15 (Fifteen) participants from various departments. Trainers involved are from the Training Department, Doctors, Nurse and trainers from medical practitioners.

    The event held from Nov 6-8th 2019 at Hospital’s Learning Centre in Banyumas, Central Java. This Training based on SKKNI uses the latest “SKKNI Nomor 161 Tahun 2015 Tentang KATEGORI PENDIDIKAN BIDANG STANDARISASI, PELATIHAN, DAN SERTIFIKASI “standard.

    This training is lead by TransWISH Indonesia’s Head of Competence Certification Center and senior trainer Mr. Luki Tantra. Training Assistant for this program is Ms. Siti Nur Wardah.

    The training opened by Mr. dr. Nugroho Harbani, MSc. Sp.S, RSUD Banyumas’s Vice Director. Also present Mr. Ronin Hidayat, SPd.MKes, Head of Training Division, Mr. Imron Rosyadi, Ns.MKep, Deputy Heads of Section and Dr. Eko Winarto, Ns. MKep.Sp.KMB, Special Expert.

    With this training, the hospital hopes that its internal trainer/ internal instructor can help the development in the hospital, improve their training sessions and met the BNSP standard for trainers and certified by BNSP.

    At the end of the event, all participants are recommended as “Competent Trainers” from the Assessors.

    Also named the best participant for this training is Mrs. Umiyati s.Kep. Ns

    Full stories and training photo documentation can be found here:


    About RSUD Banyumas (Banyumas Regional Hospital)

    Banyumas Regional Hospital was established on January 1, 1924. When founded, it was named “Burgerziekenhais te Banyumas”, which was completely named “Juliana Burgerziekenhais” or better known at that time as the Juliana Hospital. The name was taken from the name of the crown prince Queen Wilhelmina from the Netherlands. Activities in Banyumas General Hospital continue to develop until it becomes a Class B hospital. In 2008 Banyumas Regional Hospital was established as a Regional Public Service Agency.


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