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    Flynn’s Auto Detailing is one of the leading Cape Town-based automotive detailing service providers.

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    The company specialises in services like protection, paint correction and refinement of vehicles. The company also offers a variety products for automobile maintenance.

    Vehicle Detailing – In vehicle detailing service, they offer several packages that include different detailing services.

    • Basic Detail- It refers to an extensive deep cleaning of the exterior of the vehicle. This cleaning procedure involves the use of two bucket method, non-marring technique, pH neutral shampoos, and various safe chemicals. The professional team cleans the rim faces, inner rims, behind spokes, wheel arches, door shuts, tyres and trims, exterior glass, interior, dash and all panels.
    • Maintenance Detail- This is an advanced cleaning procedure. It includes blow-drying in order to remove trapped water from the vehicle. A paint protection, top-up is also involved. A vehicle is given a blow-dry treatment, after a thorough safe wash. Spray wax is used during the drying process to improve the look of the paint. Besides, glass and exhaust tips are polished.

    Protection and Enhancement Detail- This package includes every job from the maintenance detail. In addition to those services,

    • Professionals remove tar and iron contaminants.
    • For a smooth and slick effect of the paint, a clay bar is applied to remove the remaining contaminants.
    • To remove clay lubricant, the vehicle is re-washed. Then it is dried with a microfibre cloth and blown dry.
    • Then the professionals polish the exterior paintwork with a machine polisher.
    • A single layer of a synthetic sealant or a carnauba is soon applied.

    Swissvax Paint Treatment- For painting treatment, the company uses Swissvax. Services offered include cleaner fluid treatment, clay bar application, single coat Swissvax wax and additional coating with additional cost.

    Paint Refinement

    Paint refinement services include removal of embedded contaminants and thorough cleaning. Customers can select any package as per requirement. This includes the bronze level package, silver level package, gold level package, and platinum level package.

    In addition, Flynn’s Auto detailing offers different coating options for the vehicles. Along with car care services, they manufacture a few products for proper care of the vehicles. Products include the all-in-one polish, interior detailer, purpose cleaner, waterless wash and wax etc.

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    About the Company:
    Flynn’s Auto Detailing is a Cape Town-based automotive detailing service provider. Services offered by the company range from vehicle detailing to paint refinement and coating. They also offer a variety of products to keep vehicles in the best condition.

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