The Global Counter-Drone Market is Forecast to Grow at a 2018-2023 CAGR of 37.2%



According to a new market research report “Counter-Drone Market & Technologies – 2018-2023”, published by Homeland Security Research Corp.

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According to a new market research report “Counter-Drone Market & Technologies – 2018-2023”, published by Homeland Security Research Corp., the potential threat posed by drones is now apparent and tangible. Counter-drone or anti-drone technologies, also known as counter-UAS, C-UAS, or counter-UAV, are systems that are used to detect and/or intercept unmanned aircrafts. The systems can be ground-based, hand-held or UAV-based. The threats mainly consist of mid-air collisions of drones flying in the vicinity of airplanes, bases or large public spaces, the smuggling of contrabands, weapon zed drones, reconnaissance and intelligence gathering, loitering munitions (“suicide drones”) and electronic snooping.

Despite the threats, little has been done to mitigate the issue. The current existing solution is the use of expensive anti-air missiles, thus 1st and 2nd generation drone defense solutions and products are under manufacturing. They have to be cheap, easy to build, and easy to learn how to use. Each platform has technological capabilities to either track & detect or intercept (countermeasure) a drone or have both options. Furthermore, each platform can be based on a different kind of technology to perform the task in hand, for example, radar, RF, IR, etc.

Some examples in recent years illustrate the necessity of these technologies, such as reports by the FBI that organized crime groups are using drones for their operations and Saudi security forces shooting down a drone near a palace belonging to King Salman. 2019 is expected to be a year of significant growth in the anti-drone market, as multiple RFPs are being issued around the world for systems that can deal with this type of threat.

The Counter-Drone Market & Technologies – 2018-2023 report includes market drivers and inhibitors, business opportunities and challenges, SWOT analysis, competitive analysis and business environment. This report is a resource for executives with interests in the industry. It has been explicitly customized for industry and urban decision-makers to identify business opportunities, developing technologies, market trends and risks, as well as to benchmark business plans.


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