The Fira offers Pure Silver Anklets for Women all its Authenticity, Design & Purity



When purchasing Pure Silver Anklets for Women, you must check whether it has BIS hallmarks.

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Have you heard about the health benefits of wearing silver anklets? Indeed pure silver anklets for women apart from improving blood circulation and providing relief from pain in the legs, also gives your body a surge of positive energy! The Fira trusted online store offers the humble ornament in all its authenticity, design and purity.

The Fira offers unique designed silver anklets to customers. The team at Fira while keeping traditional styles and modern trends in their minds create beautiful and exquisite silver anklets for girls available from low to high ranges with precious stones. Pure silver anklets for women at The Fira are designed in a versatile way giving women a chance to wear them at various occasions, including weddings. Women can match the silver anklets from The Fira with every piece of clothing.

The designers at The Fira have designed the ladies sterling silver anklets giving the wearer a sense of style and historic accents with distinctive anklet variations.

You can trust designers at The Fira for latest silver anklets. According to Indian culture the yellow metal gold is never worn on the feet as it represents the Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity, thus women adorn their feet with anklets and toe rings that are made entirely of silver.

The team at The Fira provides guidelines to look for before buying a silver anklet. They insist on checking the purity of silver.

When purchasing Pure Silver Anklets for Women, you must check whether it has BIS hallmarks. When buying a silver anklet or any other silver ornaments, you should look for these four signs:

  • Purity fineness/grade
  • BIS logo
  • Jeweller’s identification number/ mark
  • Hallmark identification number/mark

Moreover when you are buying silver anklets you must choose between 920 to 925 grades. In addition you must check out the making charges which are one of the crucial aspects while purchasing ladies sterling silver anklets.

At The Fira there are many different styles to choose from, so you will always find something to suit your taste. Silver anklets come in all shapes, sizes, and designs and they can be worn with any outfit.

About The Fira:

Fira Silver – is designed for the woman who wants to express herself with a glamorous jewellery piece. They have a beautiful collection of pure silver Indian jewellery online that is exquisite, exciting, trendy, sophisticated, and perfect for every occasion.

Made in 925 sterling silver collection at Fira includes finely crafted necklaces, pendants, anklets, earrings, and bracelets designed for a beautiful, graceful, and vibrant look that many would covet around you. Almost all pieces are suitable for Silver Bridal Jewellery.