TempAid™ Rugged Vaccine Shipper is selected By Public Health Agency of Canada for COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution



Woodbridge today announced that the TempAid 48-hour vaccine packaging solutions would be used for transporting COVID-19 vaccine shipments across the country by the Public Health Agency of Canada.

Press Release

Woodbridge today announced that the TempAid 48-hour vaccine packaging solutions would be used for transporting COVID-19 vaccine shipments across the country by the Public Health Agency of Canada.

COVID 19 vaccines have been authorized under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for active immunization to prevent coronavirus disease. While this fast authorization came with challenges related to availability, it also comes with its own storage and distribution challenges.

“A carton of Moderna COVID 19 vaccine, for example, contains 100 doses. A case includes 12 cartons or a total of 1,200 doses. Even one case of product exposed to out of spec temperatures can mean 1,200 people don’t get the desired results from this life-saving vaccine,” said Ryan Sanders, President of the TempAid cold chain solutions division at Rapid Aid. “Working closely with Public Health Agency of Canada and Woodbridge has allowed us to create a solution optimized for the vaccine handling requirements of each manufacturer. We are proud to enable this arrangement to help support the health of citizens across Canada.”


About The TempAid Rugged 48-hour Packaging System

The TempAid Rugged packaging system was designed together by Rapid Aid’s TempAid cold chain division and Woodbridge to be reused multiple times and then recycled, making it more cost-effective and environmentally friendly than single-use packaging. The solution consists of:

  • Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) outer shell providing a unique range of properties such as thermal insulation, energy absorption, water resistance
  • Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) cooler to further enable thermal insulation
  • Phase Change Material (PCM) hard bottle gels tested for both temperature stability and reuse
  • A complete testing and documentation package including SOPs, testing data, and training material

To learn more, go to www.tempaid.net/rugged.

About TempAid

TempAid™, a division of Rapid Aid, Inc, manufactures a complete line of cold chain solutions designed to keep temperature stability for food, pharmaceutical, and laboratory sectors. As part of the Rapid Aid brand, the company has been delivering hot and cold solutions to the market for over 30 years. Rapid Aid and TempAid™ currently manufacture over 96 million units per year with the capability to manufacture hundreds of millions of additional units. For more information on the TempAid™ line of solutions or a custom quote, please contact us directly at 1-800-COLD–HOT