Tap2Pay – payments in two clicks



Tap2pay is a fintech development company that provides e-commerce services, allows merchants to activate payments on social media and also is a platform for product promotion. The company is located in Poland, but operates all over the world.

Press Release

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Tap2Pay is a platform to accept online payments for SMBs with a high conversion rate on all digital channels: websites, social networks, popular messengers. 

With Tap2Pay a merchant could sell just from a FB post or an Instagram profile. A buyer after a click on the post will get an invoice right away in the messenger of choice and ready to pay by card, PayPal, bank accounts, etc. 

Moreover to activate payments for SMB a merchant doesn’t need to have any coding skills. Tap2Pay provides a secure, seamless, omnichannel buying experience in 2 clicks via express checkout widget, plugins, selling links, and integration with a website, social networks, ads, messengers without any redirection or registration.

For buying, via tap2pay the customer doesn’t need to go through a registration process or file long payment forms. Tap2Pay optimizes the list of payment methods depending on the location of a merchant and buyer. The service integrates with dozens of payment gateways providing full security during the payment process.

Tap2Pay uses a proprietary algorithm for activating payments inside popular messengers, social networks and websites.

It’s integrated with payment providers, payment processing companies. 

To power our IT Infrastructure Tap2Pay uses Cloud Technology – Amazon Web Services.

For programming languages, Tap2Pay uses Ruby on Rails. The most popular technology that is used in new payment systems as Stripe, Braintree. 

For securely saving users-data Tap2Pay use PostgreSQL cluster with master-slave replication.

Tap2Pay is not saving credit cards data. All these data securely send to PCI DSS certified services as Braintree by Paypal, BePaid, Bluesnap, Stripe, and CreditGuard.

For mobile balance payments, Tap2Pay integrated with the Dimoco company.