SoftInWay Proceeds with Phase II NASA SBIR Contract to Change Turbomachinery Design Methodology for Industry



Turbomachinery R&D forerunner awarded second contract in NASA-sponsored artificial intelligence project that looks to catapult the aerospace industry into a new era of design technology.

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Since last September when SoftInWay announced its award of a NASA SBIR contract to leverage artificial intelligence to improve turbomachinery designs for use in high power-density engines, the company’s engineering team has been hard at work. Thanks to their efforts, SoftInWay was awarded the Phase II contract to expand upon its work developing an axial compressor map generation program that leverages an autonomous self-training AI. This project will redefine turbomachinery R&D, enabling companies to develop reliable and efficient technology faster.

After being awarded the Phase I contract back in September, the SoftInWay engineering team has partnered with engineers from Raytheon Technologies, a leading defense contractor in the United States, and researchers from Purdue University, a leading institution in turbomachinery research and education. SoftInWay will work with these 2 partners to further refine the developed AI-based program by making it applicable to a wide variety of axial compressors, a key component in making powerful yet efficient gas turbine engines for airbreathing propulsion, without the need to retrain the AI. Unlocking higher tiers of performance and operation for these engines means unlocking the ability to develop better aircraft for use in future aerospace and defense applications.

When asked about SoftInWay’s latest achievement on this project, Dr. Maksym Burlaka, the project’s principal investigator, said, “When we started this project, we knew it wasn’t going to be easy. However, we were confident in September that this would be a success, and now, it is exciting to see other teams from respected institutes joining us. The key to success is teamwork, which is why we are not just working internally, but also with our longtime partners from Raytheon Technologies and Purdue University. Together we’ll be able to further enhance the capabilities of our software and methodologies on the cutting edge of turbomachinery research and development.”

Dr. Burlaka concluded by saying that the team is proud to be part of this American aerospace effort and that the success of this project can have a deep impact on industry workflows not only for compressor technology, but also in other areas of turbomachinery design such as turbines, pumps, and fans. By cutting project and product lead times among manufacturers, it will push the industry to be competitive which, in turn, will lead to higher quality machines. This will not just benefit the aerospace and defense industries, but also reduce needless pollutants and technology’s carbon footprint.


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