Smartscaping Discusses Valuable Suggestions on Hardscape Maintenance for Winter



Smartscaping – a trustworthy paving company providing qualified and professional outdoor hardscaping contractors in San Francisco, CA discusses suggestions on hardscape maintenance for winter days.

Press Release

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Winter can be pretty unpredictable as you may get up to twelve inches of snow one year and forty-five inches in the next year. No matter whatever bad consequences the winter weather brings in, it can certainly take a toll on paved surfaces. When snow and ice start melting, water seeps into the cracks of hardscaping. When it’s cold, the water freezes and expands and thereby causes potential damage like larger cracks, holes etc. That’s why Smartscaping hardscape contractors working near you in San Francisco, CA suggest you to protect your hardscaping features from the harsh winter weather as possible. Their outdoor hardscaping contractors in San Francisco CA have experience and expertise of handling installation, repair and maintenance of hardscaping features.

Hence, if you want to keep your hardscape protected, you should avoid using rock salt throughout your driveway or walkway to melt down ice and snow. It’s better to avoid it, if you want your hardscape to last longer. Instead, you can try deicer or ice melter made from calcium chloride. If you have old, tired looking driveway, you can use sealants. And even they are useful for concrete and paver. Your hardscape will be protected from the UV rays, ice and the impacts of rock salt that you shouldn’t use and overall wear through the sealant. As discussed above, you can use liquid de-icers and ice melters than rock salt; but you should not use too much of that amount. Remember that, excess de-icer can erode concrete, asphalt and brick, while making them prone to further damage.

During winter days, you must be shoveling the ice and snow from your driveway, walkway, patio or any other hardscape. It’s better to use a plastic shovel over a metal shovel; otherwise it can scratch the driveway surface and even damage the sealants. As one of the most trustworthy hardscape companies working near you in San Francisco, CA, Smartscaping always believe that paved surfaces need maintenance regularly. So, when the weather becomes sunny and warmer, give a perfect cleaning to your driveway. It will help them remain in good condition and stay prepared for the winter weather.

“Our outdoor hardscaping contractors in San Francisco CA always work with clients to make their driveway design as unique as possible. We not only want your driveway to look good; but add functional features also. That’s why our hardscaping services come in handy. For more information about our packages, please contact us as soon as possible”, says a spokesperson for Smartscaping team.