SINGSYS Awarded a Contract after being contacted by Singapore’s Public Utility Board for 3rd Year in a Row



Singsys needs little to no introduction as their work in the field of mobile app development speaks for itself.

Press Release

SINGAPORE: It goes without saying that Singapore’s Singsys is amongst the leading mobile app development companies in the region and abroad. The company dedicates itself to deliver nothing short of excellence and meticulous execution for their clients. It has proven its purpose numerous times in the long period of its existence by delivering stellar work planning, unquestionable commitment and high-end development services.

With this said, it’s no surprise that the Singapore’s Public Utilities Board contacted Singsys for 3rd year in a roll, awarding the company with a yearly contract for Supply of Technical Support Services.

The contract is going to solidify the overall integrity of Singaporean’s Government in terms of their digital standing and, as such, it is only natural that such an important task is set forth to one of the most reliable names in the field.

The overall policy of Singsys is fairly simple – they believe and rely on delivering high-end customer satisfaction. They put their dedication and commitment placed towards every single project, substantially increasing the value proposition of their services. Singsys has managed to establish a highly professional team of seasoned developers, designers and digital marketers which work synergistically to deliver nothing short of excellence. It has managed to earn its name and fame by nothing but hard work and absolute devotion to each and every project. The trust accredited from Singapore’s Public  Utilities Board is one of the highest awards for this.

About Singsys: Singsys is a Singapore-based company with years of experience in the field of mobile app development. The company delivers high-end, tailored industrial solutions, implementing the latest mobile app development standards.