Singapore Content Marketing Specialist John Teoh Discerns Content Marketing Trends for 2021



Content marketing is an ever evolving process, which one needs to keep abreast of in order to be effective in what one does.

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Singapore, July 22nd, 2021- According to leading, Singapore content marketing specialist, John Teoh, content marketing is an ever-evolving process, which one needs to keep abreast of in order to be effective in what one does. It makes sense to find out what is trending in 2021 and beyond. There are a number of things to watch out for according to leading Singapore content marketer John Teoh.

Creating Content Communities

Creating content creation and sharing communities empowers content marketers to reach out far and wide without having to deploy too many resources. Expanding one’s reach this way is a great way of creating brand awareness.  The idea is to make all of your content-for social media, blog or webinar to connect with your target audience and make them feel like a community.

Leveraging Videos and Webinars

The advent of the pandemic has made videos and webinars ubiquitous.  Even though the restrictions on movement have been fading away the use of video marketing is going to continue to be used in a major way by brands to get their message across to the target audience in an efficient manner.

Better Interactive Content

The way your target audience interacts with the content is as important as the actual content itself. Engaging and interactive content that delights the target audience is the way to make them stay on your website and possibly get converted as customers.

The Advent of AI Powered Content

2021 will see content makers use AI powered tools to actually create some form of content! This is the future colliding with the present and the more content marketers prepare for it-the better it is.


Some things never seem to go out of fashion and in content it has to be SEO. Getting hold of long tail keywords and creating niche relevant content that helps your brand start apart from the others is going to continue to be important.

Repurposing Content

Given that both time and resources are at a premium, it makes great sense for content marketers to repurpose existing content across channels, instead of starting afresh. This is something that we can expect to see much more of in 2021 and beyond.

The importance of content marketing can hardly be overestimated. With consumer awareness being as high as it is these days, it is only by leveraging content that we can hope to connect with our consumers subliminally and get them to engage with our brand. It is, however, important that we keep ourselves abreast of the latest trends in the world of content marketing and deploy them effectively to promote our brands.

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