Ship2Anywhere Acclaimed As Best Shipping Services Australia to USA amid Covid-19



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With changing scenario of the international market it becomes crucial to hand over your goods to a trustworthy shipping services provider in Australia. Whenever you are using international shipping services to transport goods from one place to another, it is evident that you prefer costs effective services available in the market. However with on-going Covid-19 pandemic it becomes essential to choose a shipping company that offers solutions without compromising with the safety and the security of goods.

Available to both businesses and individuals, Ship 2 Anywhere make both national and international shipping easier, cheaper, and quicker. It works in a simple way, from outgoing deliveries, log on to Ship 2 Anywhere online and they’ll find the economical price on offer to more than 210 countries and territories. Indeed they specialise in worldwide shipping, airfreight, personal affects, and individual baggage shipments. Moreover shipping services Australia to USA amid Covid-19 pandemic gets easier as the items are stored or shipped to international locations in a safe manner.

If you want to switch the continents, from Australia to USA, Ship 2 Anywhere also has its watchful eye on fulfilling the services. They enable Australian online retailers become more competitive in the US market.

Ship 2 Anywhere which provides a parcel forwarding service for individuals and small-to-medium sized businesses are increasing the chances of Australian companies to expand overseas.

Both Fitzgerald and Michael Teasdale co-founder and business partner of Ship 2 Anywhere completed business degrees at university. Fitzgerald’s studies in logistics and Teasdale’s work with a leading transport company gave them a key insight into the industry, allowing them to create a service Australia needed.

“On researching the Australian logistics industry, we found nobody was really doing anything online, or nobody was doing it properly at that time,” Fitzgerald elaborates about the services. “Lots of people wanted to ship from Australia to the States to try and expand their services and break into bigger markets,” Fitzgerald said.

Now small as well as large businesses can send their products to the Ship 2 Anywhere American warehouse, where they will be securely stored. When American customers then place orders for these goods online, their shipping costs will be much cheaper, as the goods will be domestic rather than international orders.

About Ship2Anywhere:

Ship2Anywhere is a leading express delivery courier company that provides its services mostly to organizations and companies for express delivery management.

Its highly technology-oriented solutions give the business owners efficiency in courier tracking and bring transparency during the entire package transit process. For more information visit our website: