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Press Release

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Informa Markets announces new chemical products – the Vitafoods Insights Virtual Expo . Presented by KSM, it is the latest edition to the leading Vitafoods events family, and empowers industry thinkers from around the globe to network, learn and knowledge-share in real time.

Free-to-attend, the Vitafoods Insights Virtual Expo features expert content and discussion to inform and inspire, including dedicated thematic webinars and expert speakers that will offer the latest research, trends, and analysis. Designed to foster truly global connections, the event also boasts data-driven matchmaking to pair visitors with exhibitors according to individual business area and goals. Peer-to-peer networking opportunities, delivered via roundtable discussions, speed networking, exchanging virtual business cards, and 1-2-1 video calls, will enable knowledge-sharing and collaborations that help shape the future of the nutraceuticals industry.

Chris Lee, Managing Director, Health and Nutrition Network, Europe, at Informa Markets, comments: “Expanding and evolving our leading Vitafoods Insights digital platform – our community-powered knowledge hub, driven by industry thought-leaders – the new four-day Vitafoods Insights Virtual Expo is where this content now comes to life in a virtual setting. Expect vibrant discussions and thoughtful commentary, with the latest ideas, innovations and eye-opening viewpoints presented. Born from our brand ethos of fostering connections and innovation, Vitafoods Insights Virtual Expo adds global inclusivity and accessibility too, bringing together the best nutraceutical minds in the world into one place – generating a real sense of community – where everyone can collaborate, share, and learn from each other.”

A truly global event, Vitafoods Insights Virtual Expo will be live for 22 hours each day and accessible at any time, on-demand for a month following the live event. Regional insights, meanwhile, will be offered at the daily APAC and EU focused discussions, covering regulations, markets, packaging, supply chain technology and future trends projections.

Featuring a wide range of insightful content shaped and showcased by the nutraceuticals community, each of the four days will also have a different thematic focus:

– Day one, Mental Performance: webinar topics for the inaugural day include the latest ingredients to regulatory compliance to delivering finished products. The day’s roundtable discussion will discuss the rising opportunity of nootropics in the category, the importance of comprehensive clinical testing, the variation in delivery format, and insights into the growth of e-gaming supplements.

– Day two, Gut and Immune Health: sessions here will offer insights into product formulations, study designs, new forms for product delivery, and much more. A roundtable discussion will address the importance of investing in clinical trials, formulations, and design considerations as well as the question of publication in the interest of improved product quality.