SC-CARES Coastal Animal Rescue and Educational Sanctuary Launches Search for New Owner



After 12 years in operation, SC-CARES Coastal Animal Rescue and Educational Sanctuary is looking for new owners with new ideas and energy to take over the responsibilities of the sanctuary.

Press Release

Georgetown, South Carolina, United States., December 21, 2018 — SC-CARES Coastal Animal Rescue and Educational Sanctuary management is undertaking a nationwide search for successors to operate the local rescue facility. After more than 12 years of conscientious and compassionate caring for unwanted/neglected exotic and domestic farm animals, the founders say it’s time for to new blood. Meanwhile they will also be downsizing by placing some animals with other sanctuaries.

“It has been the fulfillment of our dream to build and grow this sanctuary for the protection and care of neglected and abused animals of all types,” said Cindy Hedrick, who, along with co-founder and husband Skip Yeager established SC-CARES on 24 acres just outside of Georgetown. “It breaks our hearts to make this transition. It is time for new blood and new energy. The priority is the continuation of the sanctuary for the well-being of the animals. It’s just the next step for us to make at this stage of our lives.”

SC-CARES, a South Carolina 501(c)(3), was founded in 2006 as a rescue sanctuary for wild and exotic animals that would not be accepted by traditional animal shelters. Current SC-CARES residents include tortoises, horses, wolves, reptiles, and many exotic birds. Hedrick, Yeager, and a team of dedicated volunteers keep the animals housed, fed, and loved. The sanctuary is open (by appointment) for escorted tours. The organization is funded through donations from animal-loving individuals and businesses. It does not receive any public or government funding.

Efforts are currently underway to find appropriate homes for many of the larger SC-CARES animals. Other sanctuaries across the country are being contacted and some have offered to accept animals that fit their mission. Their priority is to find a successor to take over SC-CARES facilities and carry on its mission.

“Operating a rescue sanctuary is hard work. It can be very rewarding for someone with a strong love of animals, organizational skills, people skills, and a willingness to work outdoors to provide 24/7/365 care and feeding.” explains Yeager. “We would love to find someone with resources, new ideas, and energy who could continue what we started and make it their own.”

Anyone with knowledge of someone who might be qualified and interested in becoming SC-CARES sanctuary manager/operator or are aware of animal sanctuaries to contact regarding placement of current SC-CARES residents, please contact Skip Yeager at The process is expected to continue through 2019. In the meantime, operations will go on meaning donations and volunteers will continue to be needed.

Edward ‘Skip’ Yeager
236 Abbeville Dr.,
Georgetown, SC 29440