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Established in 2018, Smashtag Ltd is the UK’s leader in product development and wireless technologies.

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Smashtag Ltd ( is pleased to offer its high-quality data temperature logger device known as the Smashtag Chill, which has numerous scientific and industrial applications.

With several kinds of temperature monitoring products available in the market today, what makes the Smashtag Chill the product to beat? The answer lies in the company’s commitment to their clients, ensuring that no technical device such as their data temperature loggersis too technical for them to use.

That said, Smashtag prides in its ability to produce innovations that are not only of the highest quality but also among the most straightforward devices to use as far as temperature data monitoring is concerned.

With several industry-wide applications, Smashtag Chill has become a prime device that is used to take accurate data temperature variations within a specified timeframe across several types of environments. The data collected by the portable temperature recorder has applications in industries including pharmaceutical and life science, fresh and frozen foods, and refined foodstuff among many others.

Smashtag Chill offers accurate and precise temperature measurements necessary to manufacture drugs, vaccines, and other products that can be extremely sensitive to temperature and dangerous for use if left unchecked.

As a low-cost wireless temperature monitoring product, Smashtag Chill stores data in the cloud, shared with any authorised third-party to access this information. Though small and low-cost, the product guarantees peace of mind among users. It is also a quick method to safeguard any business with products that need to be protected against even the slightest changes in temperature.

In line with this, Smashtag Chill is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant, meaning it is capable of storing information suited for pharmaceutical standards. Moreover, it has a seven-year data archiving feature and is FDA-, EU GDP-, and GAMP-regulated, and global support. Smashtag Chill is a superior product with its cloud connectivity service, offering excellent data security and longevity.

As a climate indicator device, Smashtag Chill can significantly improve any business processes’ efficiency and effectiveness. According to their website: “At Smashtag Global we help businesses stay on top of their logistics and operations. By taking the proper precautions and putting efficient monitoring practices in place, you’ll be able to maintain customer trust and satisfaction in your products”.

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About Smashtag Ltd

Established in 2018, Smashtag Ltd is the UK’s leader in product development and wireless technologies. With a combined experience of 30+ years in the industry, the team behind Smashtag has developed wireless sensors for scientific and industrial applications, measuring temperature, gases and electrical parameters.  For enquiries, you may send them a message via Alternatively, you can also reach one of their customer support representatives by calling 01223 881881.