Russian Bear Market Offers Umbrella Shaped and Waterproof Large Winter Tents for Outdoor Enthusiasts



Russian Bear Market brings large and roomy winter tents to allow outdoor enthusiasts including hunters, fishers, and campers to comfortably spend time close to nature.

Press Release

Russian Bear Market, one of the most trusted online marketplaces in Russia dealing in guaranteed quality items like tents, belts, and backpacks, offers umbrella shaped waterproof large winter tents for outdoor enthusiasts. These two layered winter tents come with aviation aluminum and steel frame to be set up fast on any landscape. From campers and fishers to nature lovers, everyone can use these roomy and big tents to keep close to nature. The winter tents UP-5 from Russian Bear Market are designed to accommodate as much as 5 people together. You should better regard them as all season tents. These tents will be effective while looking to escape from the hot rays in the summer and harsh cold in the winter. Stove, heat-insulated floor, and other additional furnace support are available in these large winter tents to maintain a warm temperature even in frosty conditions.

There are some hard-core campers as well as adventurists who often like to have an outing in the chilly winter. When the winter season in Russia approaches, camping demands great protection from coldness. For every degree of temperature drop and every inch of snowfall outside, camping becomes too difficult. That’s the reason why camping in Russian winter needs special gear. And the most essential piece of equipment winter campers require is the best quality winter tent. And these tents should be large in size and not as delicate as the summer tents would be. Russian Bear Market has great options in the large winter tents made of waterproof material Oxford 240D so that you can keep dry inside during heavy rain. They will act as protective shelter and help you keep warm with additional furnaces even if you go on camping in the extremely harsh climate zone of Russia. The larger winter tents will even have detachable mosquito nets on doors and windows that can be cleaned up after the summer. With detachable waterproof floor zip fans, you can expect these winter tents to provide the added warmth and comfort during fishing as well.

If you don’t want minor things like cold and snow to interrupt your outdoor experience or prevent you from engaging in your favorite activity – camping while keeping close to nature, pick up larger winter tent at