Restaurant Delivery Platforms Turn To Grocery



    Most restaurant delivery platforms are now delivering groceries alongside food.

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    This major turnaround was observed in the year 2019 where some restaurant delivery platforms ventured into the business of delivering groceries. Speaking of now, it can be said that there is a huge rise in the participation coming from the restaurant delivery platforms with respect to delivering groceries after the worldwide COVID-19 wave.

    Online food delivery service companies like Uber Eats have been strategizing its venture into delivering groceries and for this purpose, the company recently acquired Cornershop, a South America-based online grocery startup. As of now, Uber is focusing only on few countries namely the U.K. and Australia.

    DoorDash has been planning and strategizing of initiating a grocery delivery service business since the year 2019. The company has even partnered with the two very popular e-commerce platforms like Rosie and Mercato for successfully venturing into the online grocery delivery business. DoorDash has taken a well-calculated move by partnering up with Rosie and Mercato as these e-commerce platforms have good networking and a fair share of experience in the grocery business and this, will leverage the probabilities of the company to survive in the online grocery delivery business. Despite all these planning and strategies, DoorDash is struggling to establish its grocery delivery business as the company has not yet secured a key supermarket partner in the industry.

    WishBox, also known as the “best food delivery Doha” service is also planning its grand entry into grocery delivery service in Qatar. WishBox, a Qatar-based food delivery provider has a dedicated road-map ready for the successful launch of its new online grocery delivery service in the country. The company is also considering partnerships and collaborations and therefore, currently in talking terms with the major grocery vendors and the online grocery selling companies for a smooth set-up of its online grocery delivery business.

    Groceries are essential items in every house-hold. Now that the major part of the world is focusing more on healthier options, the demand for groceries is growing day by day. People are now becoming fitness freaks and they truly believe in the concept “Watch what you eat”. Also, the rising use of internet-enabled cell phones has made it easier for the customers to get groceries delivered to them at the comfort of their homes. Changing lifestyle pattern and the rise in dual-income earning families are also attributing to the growth of the online grocery delivery business. The online food delivery companies like WishBox can resort to partnerships with e-commerce platforms that are already in network with small grocery retailers to refine its business capabilities and leverage its growth in the grocery sector in the future.