Repair a Cracked Glass Window



Repairing the broken glass in a window is usually just a temporary solution.

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How to Temporarily Repair a Cracked Glass Window

Repairing the broken glass in a window is usually just a temporary solution. There are quick, simple repairs that you can give a try but the only true and safe solution would be calling the glass experts to take care of your glass window needs. Reach out to a famous team of qualified glass experts in Sydney who knows how to handle your window glass repair efficiently. If you are willing to go for a temporary fix while you plan for getting in touch with the professional glaziers, then you can try one of these following repairs:

Make use of the glass adhesives

Glass adhesives that are most commonly recommended for use on car windshields can be an option for you. Make sure that you clean the break thoroughly, flush out any potential debris with the help of an eyedropper before you go on applying tape to the back of the crack. This will prevent the adhesive from leaking out the opposite side of the window. Apply adhesive to the crack using a brush or a syringe and allow it to dry completely before removing the tape.

Consider trying a masking tape

One of the popular methods witnessed to be applied more often by the homeowners is using a masking tape. You can try using it to either side of the crack on the glass. This helps a lot in keeping the glass intact and stops from breaking further and also prevents water from leaking through. For the best results, make sure to extend the tape past the cracks on both ends and press it firmly on the glass.

How about a thick plastic cover?

If you are looking for an effective temporary solution that will ensure that all the bugs and drafts are kept out of the way, then consider applying a thick plastic cover on top of the cracked window. Cut a plastic piece from a tarp, shower curtain, shopping bag or some other household item created from a plastic sheet that is large enough to cover the surface area of the broken glass and then use a duct tape to stick to the edges of the plastic of the glass.