Reliable Solution for Scaffolding Requirements



    Scaffolding Solutions provides a reliable solution for all your scaffolding requirements.

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    Scaffolding Solutions provides a reliable solution for all your scaffolding requirements. The company was incepted in 2012, aiming to deliver high-quality services to their clients. They offer scaffold hiring, erection and dismantling services, complete project management along with labour services.

    The company employs a dedicated team of professionals which handle every project with the highest professional standards. The company maintains an excellent safety record, as they are committed to the safety of their customers as well as employees.

    Services Offered by Scaffolding Solutions:

    1. Erection and Dismantling:

    Scaffolding Solutions offer scaffolding system erection and dismantling. The team starts tasks like handing out safety equipment such as double-layered harness, safety boots and reflector vests. Erectors then build the scaffolding structure depending on the access requirements of the clients.

    For the erection process, there are also a few general labourers to help the professional erectors so that good workflow can be maintained, and the system can be erected as soon as possible. After the use of the scaffolding, if the client finds it satisfactory to work with, the scaffold is tagged as safe to use.

    2. Labour Supply:

    Scaffolding Solutions also offers labour services to their clients. They have local professional crews to give their clients the fastest possible response, whenever an emergency arises. The company is committed to supplying labourers which includes a team of erectors, scaffolding inspectors, charge hands or the chief erectors and some general labourers.

    Hiring Solution Offered by Scaffolding Solutions:

    Scaffolding Solutions mainly supplies and erects kwikstage scaffolding. They also deal with the scaffolding accessories, which include

    • Kwikstage standard
    • Kwikstage ledgers
    • Reinforced ledgers
    • Cantilever brackets
    • Diagonal braces
    • Base jacks
    • Baseplates
    • Connectors
    • Ladder brackets
    • Hook on ladders
    • Toe boards
    • Staircases
    • Stair treads
    • Toe board clips
    • Trap doors
    • Stair stringer lefts
    • Double c-pressing brackets

    Safety Standard Maintained by Scaffolding Solutions:

    Scaffolding Solutions always tries to maintain a safety standard with its services. They provide proper training and employ only certified professionals. The training includes the erection of scaffolding systems and safety techniques.

    To learn more about Scaffolding Solutions, visit the website

    About Scaffolding Solutions:
    Scaffolding Solutions is a scaffolding supplier in South Africa, who aim to fulfil every scaffolding need. They employ a team of professionals, who are dedicated and committed to delivering the best possible scaffolding-related services.

    Unit 3, 8 Moorsom Ave, Epping Industria
    Cape Town, 7460, South Africa
    Tel: 072 504 3530