Redchimpz: With the game of AR, Preparing young generation for future



    By adding this innovative game of AR, the company has achieved its motive of introducing technology into the educational domain with the help of the expert team.

    Press Release

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    Gurgaon, September 10, 2019. A promising new pedagogy is provided by new game-based learning methods that allow kids and young learners to understand, interact and grasp the content. To make the education system robust, RedChimpz Company has designed breath-taking educational toys that help to learn and understand the curriculum content. These digital games are 5D+ Flashcards created with cutting edge technology targeting the kids between three to eight years. The company has unveiled this unique game of AR to give a comprehensive learning experience to the young generation.
    The company believes that the technology has penetrated to great extend in every domain and combining education with technology will surely bring unmatched results. This could be the revolutionary change where learning gets digitized with AR technology and objects or images comes to life experience is available for kids.

    5D+ Flashcards are most acclaimed learning toys help in developing skills like cognitive, motor skills, communication and language, analytical and reasoning and so forth. These scientific cards challenge the mind of the kids and make them think, plan and strategist every step of the game. It boosts the visualization and memory in kids while playing these games.With the help of a device, the kids can explore an entirely new world of stimulation where an image comes to life with audio and visual effects. This is a fantastic way to engage and make the kids learn in a completely interactive way.