Reading Tools For Fluent Reading



The release discusses about reading tools for fluent reading by See-n-Read, an online resource for tools to help with improving reading and comprehension skills in people of all age-groups. It further highlights the benefits of using the tools.

Press Release

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Aurora, IL/2021: Those with any kind of difficulty in reading in the form of focusing, comprehension, fluency and more can greatly benefit from reading tools. See-n-Read is an online resource that specializes in well-researched reading tools that improve reading, studying, learning and thinking skills.

About See-n-Read 

The online resource of reading tools is the brain-child of Dr. Sylvia R. Smith, a mom of two and a Doctorate in Instructional Technology. Sylvia spent years researching and testing various products that can assist in overcoming learning difficulties. After years of testing and research, she came up with See-n-Read tools that were a boon in helping readers get better at tracking, comprehension, fluency and visual processing of information.

Tools For Fluent Reading 

  • MemoryMark: Used for making notes, highlighting and underlining text while reading
  • See-n-Read Reading Tools: A reading strip for minimizing line skipping
  • See-n-Read Electronic Reading and Instruction Tool for PC’s: An interactive white board
  • ColorTag Study Recall System: A booklet to help with reading, retrieving and recalling key information
  • See-n-Spell Spelling and Vocabulary Quick Reference Guide: A guide for spelling words as per the American Lexicon 

Benefits Of Using The Tools 

  • The tools improve concentration levels and enable faster reading
  • Improve spellings and help in building vocabulary
  • Boost the reader’s confidence and improve eye control
  • Improve memory
  • The tools are practical and affordable
  • The tools are well-researched and help to make learning faster and easier
  • Based on a classroom tested approach
  • They are suitable for learners of every age
  • The tools are U.S. Patent awarded
  • An extensive online product catalogue is provided for ease of access to the tools required
  • The tools are made of BPA free material and are non-toxic
  • They are approved by the CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act)

For more information on See-n-Read tools, you can check out its website at or call at (630) 236 – 5592. You can also pay a visit to 2533 Sutton Lane, Aurora, IL – 60502.