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The release discusses benefits of See-N-Read Reading Tools and strips for struggling readers. It further highlights the benefits of each of these tools.

Press Release

Aurora, IL, 2017/ Press Release: Read faster with ‘Reading Strips’, an effective tool offered by See-N-Read Reading Tools. The research based reading aid is designed to build skills like reading, fluency, comprehension, vocabulary etc. in people of all age groups. It works by increasing focus, controlling eye movements and reducing word/ line skipping. It also reduces pattern glare and distractions. All in all, it is an effective reading strategy for struggling readers.

See-N-Read Reading tools and strips were designed by Dr. Sylvia R. Smith, with an aim to break down learning barriers. The tools keep the eyes focused and filter out surrounding distractions. They control visibility as well as enhances reading, thinking and learning skills among readers.

Other Products Offered By See-N-Read Reading Tools:

MemoryMark™: It is a reading strip with a clear reading window (a cut out) which can be used by the readers to write notes and highlight key points. This helps in retention of important information.

eSee-N-Read™: You can accurately read the website content, spreadsheets, on-screen documents etc. with the help of this tool. It can be used on a computer, laptop or on any reading device. On one hand, it enhances on screen reading speed, while on the other hand, it reduces screen induced eye strain.

See-N-Spell™: It is an easy to use booklet that enhances vocabulary and improves spelling. With this tool, a reader can easily identify the correct spelling and usage of sound-alike words (homophones).

ColorTag™: Is a study recall system with 3-color highlighter that can be used to prioritize information. It is an easy-to-use method which helps to identify and distinguish between main idea and supporting details.

By using these tools, readers can easily receive, process and remember information.

To know more about the benefits of See-N-Read Reading Tools, visit 2533 Sutton Lane, Aurora, IL 60502 or call at (630) 236 – 5592. You can also browse through their website for further details.